Dust allergies and sensitivities are increasingly becoming a concern for the modern family. So, if you or anyone in your family suffers then Anti-Allergy Shutters are a great choice. Quick and easy to clean with a simple wipe of a damp cloth, shutters do not store dust particles as easily as fabric window coverings.


At MD we are pleased to offer a unique coating to help combat dust allergies. Hygienilac is available as a coating for our wooden shutters; it is a product regularly used by hospitals. Hygienilac can kill most types of bacteria within as little as 24 hours and is effective throughout its lifetime, which can reach up to 10 years.


Making rooms child friendly is important to consider when renovating or updating your home. You’ll want to choose something that looks great but is also practical. Some window treatments on the market do not take safety into consideration, incorporating features such as ties and cords which can be a concern around young children.


Child Safety Week, run at the start of every June, provides an opportunity for people to think about their homes and activities, ensuring that their children are as safe as possible. As a national campaign across the UK, Child Safety Week helps everyone consider their choices, and the effects they could have upon their children. Please contact us if you would like more information on this. We'll be happy to help.


Rather than using a curtain for your child’s bedroom, which can quickly accumulate dust, shutters are a hygienic alternative that are easy to clean, great for allergy sufferers. Plantation shutters are a stylish alternative to blinds in nurseries and bedrooms, offering great privacy, safety and light control at any time of the day.

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