Available for Antigua, Fiji and Sumatra shutter ranges

Superior light reduction

15 colour choices to complement your home

Integrated with our made-to-measure shutters

Neutral street facing colour

Lightweight, single honeycomb cell construction


If you are having trouble sleeping, kept awake by light sneaking into your bedroom, then a Room Darkening Blinds solution could be just for you. If you can’t sleep because it is too sunny during the day, or have issues with street lights at night, then you need the best window coverings for bedrooms.


Even with such a wide variety in the marketplace, many so-called Blackout Shutters & Blinds still allow small levels of light into any bedroom. For young children, who need to nap in the day, as well as night or shift workers who need to rest at different times, having even a fraction of light can be a real issue.


If you can’t sleep because the light is keeping you awake, at whatever time you need to rest, then the darkest environment is a must. Room Darkening Blinds are also great for home movie viewing, letting you watch your favourite film, or playing the latest video game, without glare affecting the screen.


Our Room Darkening Shutters and Blackout Blinds are manufactured to your requirements. The pocketed, honeycomb design of our blinds makes them perfect for capturing air and insulating your windows while the foil lining helps to seal away the sunlight.


Choose from a palette of 15 blind colours to match your room and complement your chosen shutter colour. The colour of the blind is also single sided, leaving a neutral coloured fabric on the street facing side.

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